Gtt, exit position, delete gtt

I have bought Airtel share at 524 and create GTT order to sell share.

If I create GTT with TRIGGER PRICE OF 525.5 and LIMIT PRICE of 525.5. If stock price reach 525.5 my order get placed not executed. Right ? and if price does stay at 525.5 only then my order get executed ?

another query is that after creating above GTT order. If I manually exit position than GTT order cancel by itself or I have to cancel it ?

GTT is only for CNC or it is available for MIS in buy order, too ?

How can I detete multiple GTT orders at once ?


It is Limit order, it will get executed at 525.5 or above, not below 525.5.

Yow will have to cancel the GTT.

Only CNC is allowed while using GTT, MIS isn’t allowed.

Not currently possible to do so. You will have to delete GTT orders one-by-one.

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Do you have any plans to available this for MIS orders in near future ?

Please add this feature to delete multiple or all GTT at once.

@siva feedback for kite.

No plans for MIS as of now.

Please add option to delete multiple or all GTT orders.

Why not, It is infact more suitable to provide GTT feature on MIS orders.

can you share reasoning why zerodha decided to not implement gtt for MIS orders?

Mis is based on time, few times we may change mis timing during the day, if one is using MIS we expect he is a day trader and should monitor his positions closely.

Its very interesting that zerodha is favoring manual work.

GTT for MIS is not allowed
BO are closed stating volatility.

I will share why GTT for MIS is good idea. I bought a position and setup Stop loss and target both orders.

Now in case of tech glitch, power cut at my end or infra/login failure at your end will close the deal and I am less worried.

Creating both orders SL and target will create two orders on bad day nd infra problem appears, thn I may end up getting stuck with opposite side trade.

One can use mobile app, power cut has no effect on it.

In that case we may also not able to fire GTT.

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Yes but still it help to automate exit position. We can still modify it. Right ?

Automate means?

I mean I can place buy order with exit position. So I don’t have to create sell order.

After buying stock I create sell order immediately So it is good to have exit position option when buying stock.

login failure will still fire GTT… i just saw that this week.

& what is the issue with BO. I understand due to volatility you have stopped it, as it is really tricky to provide service of trailing stop loss.

But all other brokers are providing facility to mention stop loss and target, Why zerodha is not being progressive.

Hi @siva,
I am getting this error while placing GTT for IRFC. can it be checked?

Will check this.

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Hi @siva,

Please ignore above issue. Was able to create GTT now for IRFC.

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Yesterday I bought TTKprrstige @ 847 and created Ssingle sell GTT at Trigger 877 and Price also 877. Today the stock opened Gap up @ 885 andcame down well below 877,yet GTT didn’t trigger…why?

Stock opened at 885 on BSE, you must have placed GTT order on NSE, where stock opened at 875 and high was 875. For account related queries, would suggest you create a ticket at Team will have this checked and assist.

Yups…my fault…Thanks for the prompt reply