GTT order for option buy/sell has an error?

For example - banknifty 22200 pe - price is 41.50 now if I try to place GTT buy OCO order - it automatically shows stoploss value as 45.65 which is 10% of LTP and target value - -10% of LTP …which is 37.35 …how can a target price for buy order be less than current price…
same thing for sell GTT orders… @siva @ShubhS9

Also wanted to confirm that GTT orders are available for futures and option segment - even for selling?

OCO is used as Stoploss and Target order on existing position, so if you have existing Long position, Sell OCO Stoploss trigger will be below CMP and Sell Target Trigger will be above CMP and vise-versa for Buy OCO if you have Short position.

If you want to take fresh position using GTT, use Single Buy or Sell order, as I mentioned above, OCO is used as Stoploss and Target.

Yes, GTT orders are allowed for Futures and Options selling as well.

So to clarify …this GTT OCO is not same as bracket order.

You can use OCO when you already have open long or short position correct?

So for example if I want to buy buy call option above 9 Rs. and stop loss is 4.5 Rs and target is 16 Rs. than I have to first place a separate buy GTT SINGLE order with trigger of Rs. 9 and than create second/another Sell GTT OCO to enter stop loss and target correct? @siva



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