GTT order suggestion

How new GTT works as its suspends S/L trailing (BO) feature ?
suppose this illustration
CMP of Stock A is 100
I want to buy it in 110
expect target profit +2 @112
& S/L @ 98

how to put this order in GTT?

See below example.

You can place SL Limit Buy Order at 110, and Set GTT SL (-12% for your above given example) and Target
(2% for your above given example).

But how to put above buy order in NFO segment in GTT.
gail cmp 104.9
buy long position price @ 110
& exit position by sell short position as
target profit +3 113 & S/L -2 @ 108 (which ever hits first, after position is executed).

See this. You will have to put Stop Loss and Target in Percentage Terms and once your SL or Target is hit other order is automatically canceled. Untitled

Thank U Sir,
DO u have any information when BO restart or BO in GTT, as many other brokers r still having BO features in their trading Platform.

What e.g. is given by u is for regular orders & not the GTT orders.
AS not the GTT orders u required funds to put orders but in GTT orders u not need have funds for all orders placed. so in proper GTT orders how can I exit from order either hitting S/l or Target profit in NFO segment.

Suppose you have bought GAIL FUT at 110, Once you have taken the position, you can use GTT Sell OCO order

That means I can’t put enter buy @ 110 & exit sell S/L 108 or Target profit 113 in one single chance & I have to wait for buy position execution & then put sell S/L or target profit positions.

I gave you the way to put it all together but you said that blocks funds.

Ok Sir, Thank U for ur valuable time.

hi @ siva in gtt after buy order gets triggered and price moves positively towards target can i modify the stoploss daily based on price move daily?

The GTT order will become inactive once triggered. If the placed order isn’t executed, you can modify it from orderbook, but this order if not executed will be open only until market is open, after market closes it will be cancelled.

If the GTT isn’t triggered, you can modify it by going to Orders > GTT tab.

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