GTT order triggered, what to do next?

Hello guys,
I am new to trading and recently I placed GTT order:

I put the buy order on 15th May 2020 of 3 shares at Rs. 100 each and set the stop loss at Rs. 98 with the target price of Rs. 110

The share went down and now it is trading at below Rs. 90 and in my GTT order status it is showing ‘Triggered’.

So, help me out with this, I am not understanding what I need to do next.

If GTT is triggered then it would have fired sell order, can you see if your shares are there or sold?

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I am sharing the screenshot with you…tell me what to do next?
should I need to put any order ?

So, GTT is triggered, then order would have placed, you can see if you have waterbase in your holding.

That’s the confusion brother…it is not in my holdings.
Actually it is under the GTT tab, not under the holdings.

You put SL of 98, maybe after buying at 100 your SL also got hit at 98 which closed your position, check positions, or orders tab.

So then shares are sold, refer trade book on console. GTT will be shown for next 7 days after it is triggered.

Siva sir , One of my sell CNC order has been triggered which I was already sold ,It is not showing any holding does it goes for auction can u explain.

Order might have got rejected if you don’t have enough holdings to sell, see what is showing in positions page.