Guys post your daily trading status T20

previous one become too long , start a new one.


Trading profits has become a place to showcase, like little corner to satisfy small egos. No wonder it becomes too long. People are in hurry to showcase profits, but never losses.

IMO,I think this thread has not serve any good purpose. If profits motivate someone to trade,I doubt his longer side of story.

I realised that those who have traded long enough, rarely show the profit side of the story. Yes, those who are the market wizards, or run prop firms, have always a different story to tell. The importance of being yourself.

They are humble enough to say, they are still commit mistakes even being in the business for more than 20 years.

Mostly they are traders based in USA, Hong Kong. Markets are more matured at their end, so they have more matured traders too.

This is a long game. Profits ll wear you out soon. And stay away from looking at profits of others. You think you might learn something but in reality you won’t learn anything.

Just focus on yourself. Don’t expect to graduate in few months.

My opinions only.


consecutive three green day :blush:

It was never about this, when I shared my opinion. I was throwing a cautious note in view of the digital capabilities. Some take pain in editing profits for all sorts of agenda.

We personally don’t know those who post these profits, in tradingqna or elsewhere. And at times, it’s not healthy, as people tend to overlook the truth, when it comes to money.

Yes, common sense is not commonly practice when it comes to money. So, I was saying it was never a good way to be motivated by profits. IMO of course.

I was just hinting that people can do anything these days, and in this journey it’s best to understand oneself.


Millions of people make money by buisness or other works but traders are the only one who needs validation by posting mtm and feel superior


The funny thing is that we actually don’t need to validate ourselves, and if you feel superior only when you post mtm, then it’s actually trying to satisfy the human ego.

Superior is a feeling, you think you feel it, but others don’t see it. Superior is a bad choice of feelings.

Seems like ,we will all have something to say. So, carry on folks, do post anything you like. And as @Gautam hinted, life goes on ,along with these anomalies. The truth and the lies.

The human mindset.


four green day in a row . end the week with good confidence. take 3 position all work well.


1st week of September was good .


starting of 2nd week also good. consecutive 5 green day. good profit today. almost 10% in a 40k acc. today take 5 position, all remain positive.

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All options buying?

no, only option writing.

Then how is it possible to write option on 40k account? To sell 11300 PE margin required is 1.3 lakh as per zerodha calculator

1.3 L for nrml i.e delivery product. for mis i.e intraday it is less than 36k. try on kite.

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Today got the chance to post in this new thread , small trade but expecting good result at the end :slightly_smiling_face:

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consecutive 6 profitable day. holding bull put spread.

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Are you Bullish on the Indices ?

expecting closing above 11300 on expiry.

well , i am expecting other way around :slightly_smiling_face:

yes. I agree with your opinion. I would suggest the traders to share their learning and good disciplines what they have followed in trading. Nowadays, there are many newcomers who may need to know a lot about disciplined trading to sustain their hard earned wealth. Thank you…

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