Handling of zerodha account

Hello, i am nri living in london…my father is senior citizen having a zerodha account. Can i buy/ sell shares or do intraday in his account?

If i am not wrong , trading on others account is illegal and SEBI actually discourages this practice. Whoever is the account holder, only they are supposed to initiate the trades unless or until the other operating person/entity have valid certifications/legally authorized to operate one’s account.
And if this was legal then i don’t think there is any point in restricting NRI’s to make intraday trades or trade in MCX commodity futures.

thank you…

How do they find out that some other person is handling the account of one person?
I see this as loophole to save tax.


I dont think so, anyone will find out. You can handle others accounts, with mutual consent. You are not doing something illegal or trading without consent accout holder. Its between you and him. But if you still want to go 100% legal, might be some procedures. But I believe strongly, No one cares and really no one has time to monitor or keep an eye on every individual. Just pay taxes right. There you saved!

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That’s what I thought. Get 5 lakh income each in 3 family member accounts and do not pay single rupee tax. This is already happening.

Today I saw a webinar from Rainfund (They write as “AI Powered Hedge Fund**”) where they clearly mentioned that They manage client’s money by handling directly on their trading accounts via API.

Learnapp which is affiliated with Zerodha also promotes Rainfund. So, This is sort of validation from Zerodha too right?

PS: I can share their brochure if you need validation.

5 lakh tax free? not really

Can you share more info please ?

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LearnApp is a separate company we’ve partnered with as partnered with. To take a webinar by someone from Rainfund as an endorsement of it by Zerodha is a massive stretch to say the least :slight_smile: It’s not.


ip address…

IT department don’t have time for petty cases.:grinning:

Why not?

See the brochure yourself. https://mega.nz/file/hVZjRIIb#taw-UEuolLEH0Hh3y5DlcmoqcqU42McS9ph4qcKkh6A

Not Like that. It’s about the goodwill that Zerodha developed which is what makes Learnapp special. The goodwill gets passed. The reputation as well. If LearnApp is endorsing someone. It is “like” Zerodha is doing the same. Because we believe in Learnapp because of Zerodha’s legitimacy. Anyways, This view may differ from person to person :slight_smile:

I stick to what Bhuvan has said. :slight_smile:

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Can a senior citizen open an account at Zerodha? Any age limit?

Can a senior citizen open an account at Zerodha? Any age limit?

Yes, senior citizen too can open an account, there is no age limit.