Handling slippages in Option

I have been an option buyer, so I have been using sl-m orders to trade nifty options, I see very less slippage with this even for 100 lots.

Can someone experienced tell me if slippage could be much high in banknifty compared to nifty or is it negligible ? Can one easily trade over 100 lots in banknifty atm options ?

hi, i have a same question. How have been your experience with banknifty with 100 lots at intraday in terms of slippage? Would appreciate your feedback @amit9

Slippage would depend on the order book of your chosen option strike. Peek in to it before placing a market order. Zerodha also have now come up with iceberg orders which can be used to reduce slippage. Try it out if it chimes well with your plan.

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