HAPPIEST MINDS IPO shares allocated, payment failed

Shares were allocated but amount is not deducted from my bank account. And Bank charged me 295 for failed mandate.

Same with me, what to do next

@venkata_thamatam @Vemuru_phanindra_Kum you can get in touch with the RTA at [email protected] to check why this happened, they can guide you further on this.

Write to kfinrech registrar

They have to reissue payment request.

Email id will be there in allottment communication

For route mobile it happened to many users. Finally they sent another payment request which went through

Hey venkata_thamatam can you please tell me what happend to the shares you got. And how you paid the money to the ipo company. please share your experience because i am also facing the same issue and i can’t find any solutions for this