Harami Pattern conditions

How to create conditions for the Harami pattern?


1.This should happen at the end of uptrend or @resistance
2. sell can be @low of bearish candle( some take positions @ low of the first green candle)
[email protected] high of the bearish candle ( if sold at low of first green candle then high of the green candle will be stoploss)
4. risk reward ratio 1:1.5

@trade4lyf @drsennath Check out the image below for the Bearish Harami strategy conditions:

The first two condition tab signifies the bearish Harami pattern. The third condition tab indicates the current candle is breaking the low of the previous red candle. The fourth condition tab signifies an uptrend. We have taken random SL and TP. You can change that as per your need.

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