Has anybody been able to file ITR via 3rd party services?

I recently started getting SMSes from IT department that it’s a good time to file. I had my details prepared long ago but hadn’t filed ITR due to the “upgrade” of the e-filing portal.

They are still not allowing ClearTax to directly file to them, this is the message which is shown once you have filled up all of the details:

Dear Tax Filer,

We are working closely with the IT dept to get the APIs for smooth tax filing experience. We will inform you as soon as we are live with tax filing APIs. If you wish to file via the IT dept portal, you can download the ITR JSON below. For more details write us at [email protected]

I downloaded the JSON file hoping that it would be a relatively straight-forward process to file directly via the official portal, but I very quickly realized that my expectations were set too high.

Problem 1: The online portal doesn’t even allow you to import the JSON file, instead you are asked a million questions to file your ITR. All of them are phrased like sentences in an official law, very hard to understand for a common person and requires way more effort than required.

Eventually I searched YouTube about how to file ITR with JSON, I found that it can be done via their 100MB “offline utility”, which is basically a clone of their website bundled with a browser.

Problem 2: Even after importing the JSON (as a draft), the app asks the same questions and doesn’t even pre-fill the numbers from the data, very disappointing. I gave up.

Has anybody had more success than me with filing ITR via a 3rd party? @Quicko Do you support automatic e-filing or do you get one of your CAs to do it?

  • No
  • Yes, with Quicko
  • Yes, with ClearTax
  • Yes, with JSON from another service (please mention)
  • Yes, directly with another service (please mention)

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I just hope they finish the API soon so that we can file ITR in peace without dealing with the inevitable short-comings of a govt run portal.

I went to their official YouTube channel and noticed this video:

This building looks more like a hotel and even has all the facilities of one for high-ranking officiers, good for them, but it would have been better if they had spent some of the money in QA for the new portal.


I just filed my ITR via Quicko:

It was free, their interface was modern and simple, not as comprehensive as ClearTax’s UI but it gets the job done well. Quicko chose a very apt name, I was able to get an account and file my ITR all within a span of couple of hours as I already had all of my financial details at hand.

One thing that should be noted here is that Quicko directly asks you for your IT e-filing portal password and files taxes via their computer, that is why you can see that it says “Filed By: SELF” in the e-filing portal, my previous return filed by ClearTax has “Filed By: ERI” in the same place.

Obviously this is done because the new portal does not have an usable API yet. I could’ve done it manually but opted to use Quicko to save me from the inevitable headache, I am glad I made the choice. Hopefully Quicko doesn’t take my password and store it somewhere.

It looks like they have made self-filing of all ITR forms free this year, which is a smart move because they gained new customers like me :slight_smile:

ClearTax is still waiting for the API, which I doubt will ever come out this year, which is also the deadline for filing.

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I filed it using quicko. It was a seamless process. Had to give my password to quicko because api is not working. Changed my password right after filing. No issues. Very satisfied with their service.

That’s very good advice.

I see that two people have voted “Yes, with ClearTax”, if you are one of them, how did you do it?

Planning to file ITR-3 via quicko. Filling up Json utility directly looks complex.
Gave Quicko IT web site log in, zerodha data auto uploaded ,all my bank info,fd +sb interest incomes filled up. Now I have to fill up 2nd broker finvasia data in Quicko fomat & have to upload !!!
STCG p&L & intraday speculative turn over +profit/loss is filled up.
under business expenswes: Claimed 1)monthly Rs 500 for internet + Rs 3000 monthly for office rent+ flat rs 5000 for tax consultant. (total ₹47000 as expenses)!!
hope it is acceptable by IT
first time filimg ITR-3 (no 44ad etc in the previous years) intraday specualtive Tax turn over less than 10 lakhs. +in loss !still not doing Tax audit.
so by 26th/27th dec will file (for free) initially via quicko. They are prompt in email replies. If I face any issues ,will sign up for the assist package (Rs 5000?),they deserve the fees.
I have to get some FD interest tds refund . but if the date is postponed may delay filing.
I always print ITR-v & speedpost to cpc bangalore.

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Is it ok if profit is less than 6% of the turnover and we are not going for audit?

I do equity & FnO intraday, equity CNC as well. My CA says Form 2 is sufficient, but how does form 2 cover intraday since that falls under speculative business.

Filing through Quicko is free or chargeable for ITR 3?

I filed ITR-3 for free without any assistance or support package, just fill up all details manually.

I have uploaded by FnO trading activity data in Quicko and filing ITR 3. I have calculated absolute profits and it came more than 6% of Turnover (Turnover less than 1 cr) that implies tax audit is not applicable to me.

However Quicko is considering realised profits and suggesting tax audit. Did anyone encounter this issue?

Can @Quicko help here?

Tax on F&O - Futures and Options Trading - Learn by Quicko

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Maybe ask in Quicko’s Tax Q&A forum.

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We are always happy to answer your questions. :blush:

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Hey @shk_pen, If the taxpayer has a profit of more than or equal to 6% or 8% of Turnover / Sales, Audit is not mandatory, although it is recommended considering the nature of the business. You have the option to opt out of the tax audit too.

Hey @Quicko,

When you say profit, that is absolute profit I believe as per below equation? mentioned in your website.

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