Has anybody made money from trader

As i read this post by @nithin

It mentions only 1 % or 2 % people make money from intraday trading So why do people trade if they know they are not going to make money

is trading a tool for the rich so they get more rich ?

from few days of research i have seen that many people enter in to market with no strategy or analysis…They only have a gambling mindset and lose the money but I dont these people comprises of 99 % of the trader or do they ?

Any traders who have been making money from this profession (Not talking about few good green trades)can share their experience ( or are their any ? )

Fom a person who wants to dedicate his life in this profession who knows about the success rate and failure rate asks a simple can he put his whole life in this profession and make money.

Also @nithin what would you say about intraday trading as i attended one of your conference where you said this line You were introduced to this trading world by your maarwadi friends and spent your life trading before creating this amazing platform ZERODHA
how did you do when you were trading did you make a lot of money and
what mistakes did you do when you were trading ?

Sorry if i offended any one just want to get pure facts and nothing else

Note :- This topic is not for people who are trading without any experience,thinking trading as a get rich quick scheme and gamblers

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This is from back in 2013, Q&A with Hanan from our team.

Trading isn’t necessarily just trading stocks, it is a way of life. Trading is about doing something where the odds of winning is in your favor. Be it a trading strategy or risk management strategy where you have an advantage over others, understanding of stock or sector more than others, running a business where you think u have an edge, etc. Personally for me, I think running Zerodha is like a trade I am currently on. The good bit of running your own business vs trading stocks where you are speculating, with your own business you are in control of your destiny.

Also about trading and gambling. You can gamble with anything in your life - start a business and be lazy, join college and not study, join a job and do nothing, marry and don’t take care of your spouse. Similarly you can gamble when trading the markets as well. The reason trading seems more like a gamble compared to others is because the results are instant - your P&L, unlike in almost all other aspects of life where the results are all delayed - hence doesn’t feel like a gamble.


@nithin you mentioned somewhere that you made 1000% on 2008 shorting the market.
Can you please share which products you used - was it naked shorting of futures or buying put options or something else.

Trading volatility using option strategies. Check out the option strategy builder on

I use the above strategy and generate profit but I thought you did something more to profit from crash.

Strategy isn’t really the key to be successful when trading. Risk management and patience is.


Yes in long term that is but is there anything to take advantage of current volatility or events like recent market crash with limited capital upto 60-70 lakhs with someone having high risk tolerance.

I think doing anything now is like buying a lottery ticket. There could easily be a 20% upmove or 20% downmove, maybe both in a single day as well. :slight_smile: Trade as small as possible - be more long vol than short vol, the idea is to survive this.


Being a broker it is a big deal to say this.
Thanks :pray:t2:

Did Zerodha publish the report? I did not see any data being reported later…