Has anyone used eSignal Advanced Get? How good is it in the Indian context?

I have been looking out for some decent charting software and was looking at a few options such as AmiBroker, Pi & eSignal.

I came across Advanced Get from eSignal and went through an exhaustive demo for the software for the Indian markets. It is priced at a whooping 3L (approx) with recurring data costs.

The main feature being their algos which, of course are proprietory and is their way of justifying the cost. While I am not too keen on trusting my money with some logic that is protected, wanted to check if anyone has more insights on this platform?

Is the software and those algos really that good? Any thoughts and comments will be highly appreciated.

those algos are total crap. eSignal support also is very weak. You will feel like a beggar when asking them for any kind of support. Data cost also is horrifyingly high. Overall, a useless software. You may simply want to go with AmiBroker with GDFL feed. Best bet, IMO.

@karunakumari But GDFL will get you only NSE data.

  1. Any other alternative with BSE coverage too?
  2. Anyone providing BSE Level 2 data also?
  3. How is Metastock compared to AmiB…? I know both are as good as the way they are used. But still any sensible Comparision?

Iam using advanced get last three years.i like only advanced get search engine for swing trading for 1 to many days holding excellent job with out doubts.but intraday trading is waste any costly software.one secret is capturing trading intraday movement required skills of Price action of charts.not for any superior technical indicators

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