Has SEBI gone overboard with ASM/GSM Surveillance measures

Has SEBI gone overbored with surveillance measures. Recently I see SEBI has put many stocks in GSM/ASM/S+ frameworks. I can see many of this shares are making profit in contrast to high value shares who are making losses for years. The result is that small investors loose out due to this restrictions. It only helps big fish in harvesting money. Instead of making directors and operators accountable, SEBI by their action is directly helping big fish.

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What is the difference between ASM (additional surveillance measures) & GSM (graded surveillance measures ) ? i understand that GSM is more alarming but for an investor what is the exact difference ?

ASM is just timepass, GSM is real deal even brokers like Zerodha dont allow to invest in GSM

I think ASM may be a ploy to fool retail investors

I have been observing GSM for more than a year and have seen that criteria for GSM are very vague. Sebi usually imposes GSM when damage is done by operators and retailers are at receiving end. It is mechanism to protect errant directors of this company by penalising ordinary sare holders. Beaware there is no penalty for directors and they keep having their perks with hand in gloves with SEBI officers. In most of cases gsm is just to punish honest individual shareholders by sebi and reward errant directors/operators for looting us. This is my view.

To me both are same, except with different names. :slight_smile: And I agree both are to fool retail investors.

Thats correct but GSM is actually for fraud companies

Its those retail investors fault why they went into those fraud companies

But ASM list if you check you will find quite a few decent names, so not sure what their motive here

not very sure but my guess :slight_smile: in case of ASM you must have 100 % MARGIN with broker to purchase shares means the purchase amount should be there with broker before placing order and not as per t plus 2 where you can make payment on second day of purchase or even early morning of third day .the share will be in B group or T2T
in case of GSM (many broker do not entertain deal ) you must pay 100 to 200 % additional security DEPOSIT depends on the GSM STAGE of scrip beside your purchase cost .the share will be strictly in T2T.
please correct if above not good.