Have error is CAS !spoke to NSDL ,still no response


I have an error in CAS statements? spoke to NSDL still no response, its not showing all holdings, its not showing the CDSL holdings?? only showing NSDL holdings, any reason? how to take this issue


I suggest you check with your broker first. Please check your account carefully and see if your shares are shown as demant holding or something else.
I faced simillar issue with angel broking, please see this thread.


Composite Account Statement (CAS ) is provided by whom ? i guess you have 2 demat accounts one with NSDL dp and the other is with CDSL dp and you are looking for a CAS of both . since i only have NSDL dp based demat account i do get CAS from nsdl and bill cum transaction statement from my dp.


Thank you, sure i will check :slight_smile:


NSDL is providing it, the one with CDSL is not reflecting in it. thats the problem. I will check with broker and CDSL also :slight_smile: