Have physical share of company Regency Hospitals Ltd


My father has purchased 2000 shares of Regency Hospital Ltd. through IPO listing and the company was listed in bse till 2015. My father still have its share in physical form please suggest now what can we do as i do not have enough knowledge about this i have my demat acount in zerodha can i still keep this share with us and get it converted to digital format
if a company is delisted does it means that its share is of no value …


@vivek_singh : Regency hospital can be demated vide ISIN NO : ine581k01010 . once you get it demated there is possibility that one of the many unquoted share dealers buy your share at negotiated price. Demating will hardly take 15 days if you act now.


how can i get it demated sir


@vivek_singh : as you said the shares are on your fathers name . does he have a demat account exactly as per the name on share certificate ? if yes handover the shares where he has a demat account along with a request form to do so.
IF your father do not have a demat account there are 2 choices (1) open a demat account as per exact name on share certificate with some cooperative bank like cosmos bank ,sarsawat bank ,janta sahakari bank ,kalupur bank OR with SHCL or with any other place where there is no requirement of opening a trading account too (2) physically transfer the shares from your fathers name to your name exactly as per name on demat account and than get it demated but this is bit lengthy and tedious process considering last date to transfer unlisted physical shares is October 03.


sir my fathar has demat acount with sharekhan and they are saying that untill the company is not listed again we can not demateriliaze your share first the company should b listed


100 % wrong -misleading information . demating of a scrip has nothing to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with if it is listed or unlisted or delisted. i have unlisted and delisted shares in my demat.
speak to some senior person at your DP and say that it has an ACTIVE ISIN number and it is to be demated. very amusing and a surprise for me to hear that a DP refuses to demat a share which has an ACTIVE ISIN.