HDFC Dividend Credit

I am new to equities, so please help…

I hold HDFC shares for last 6 months… they announced dividend of 19rs in May (first week)…
I assumed i am eligible and was waiting for my dividend to be credited… but i haven’t yet received anything on my bank account…

How long does it take for dividends to credit? i hear upto a month…
Has anyone else received HDFC dividend yet?
In case of no show of dividend whom to contact?(I verified my demat account it shows correct account and everything)

I have HDFC shares and till date not received the dividends. It will be paid only after the AGM.


HDFCBANK dividend ex-date is 10/05/2024. If you were holding shares as of that date, you’re eligible for Rs 19.50 dividend per share. It usually takes 30-45 days for dividends to hit your bank account. If not, you can always contact the company’s RTA. More

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From the date of AGM

It Will Credited To You After AGM or You Can Say After A Month, But If You Want To Buy Another Share To Avail Dividend (and also the gain after the dip) , You Can Sell These HDFC Share Now, The Dividend Gonna Credited To You

Is the dividend pro-rata basis or one can hold the share for few days before and after and still receive full dividend?

You can sell the shares anytime after the ex-date, and you will still be eligible to receive dividends.


I thought 30-45 days from record date, which may or may not be the date for AGM. Isn’t it?

For final dividend it’s always from the date of AGM. And record date has no connection to AGM date.

Simple logic. If shareholders don’t approve the dividend declared in the AGM, how can the company pay dividend. So there is also a possibility that even if you hold shares on record date, the company may not pay dividend. Very rare, but it can happen and it has happened before with few companies.

I never payed for dividend play , but what is the significance of 'Record date" which one has
to consider for to get dividend?

there are 2 date … ex date and record date … according to our T+1 Settlement system, we have to buy the share on or before ex date.

Suppose Bank Of India Announce Dividend Of 2.80 Rupees On Each Share, Where The Ex-date Will be 18-06-2024 And The Record Date Will Be 20-06-2024 (i.e, T+1 Will Be The Record Date )

Although Record Date Doesnt Matter, To Claim The Dividend We Have To Buy The Share On Or Before Ex-Date.

Yes. But After Record Date If You Sold The Share, You can Also Claim The Dividend, As You Are Recorded.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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did anyone receive dividend yet for hdfc

Do not expect this before mid August. This is discussed multiple time in this post itself as well as in the forum