Hdfc housing opportunities NFO

Is it a good option to invest in hdfc housing opportunities nfo?

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This is a close ended NFO with a focus on Housing, nothing special in my view. There are open-ended funds which do the same thing. This is how I would analyze this - I would look at the underlying of the fund. In this case these are stocks.

Analyse them and then take a call on the fund. You can make use of Screener by smallcase and to fundamentally analyze these companies. Most of the bets when it comes to housing is on the Housing for al scheme by the government. But you will have too if is hype or there is some reality to it. Although home ownership as an absolute % is high in India, space is not enough for everybody in the house. Check this post.

Also here is a report by CLSA, which I am illegally sharing. It’s a temporary link so you can download it. The report will help you in analyzing this.

The post I have written is a bit of a ramble so let me know if something doesn’t make sense.


Thanks a lot sir… Your answer is very helpful and detailed.

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Hello Can anyone please tell me how to apply for HDFC Housing Oppotunities fund
Please share any direct link if its available.
to apply.

It is a close-ended fund, so you cannot apply through Kite/Coin. You need to apply from the AMC site just like an IPO. Remember close-ended funds cannot be redeemed before maturity and this brings in a lot of risks. So unless you are sure wise not to invest in close-ended funds.

I do not agree with opinion given if fund is having good potential one cal also invest in close ended fund. In fact all mutual funds have one thing that’s risk associated with it.
Calculate risk is there in each share market activity.

You can use this link :
Go to New Investor and proceed with the options you get.