HDFC Life IPO. No allotment / rejection message or refund. Is it normal?

I subscribed for HDFC Life IPO (100 shares). I did subscribe from HDFC netbanking and entered zerodha’s depository account number. Few of my friends received allotment confirmation message specially those who subscribed from Bank of India portal.

Not quite sure if my allotment request got rejected or approved. Haven’t got refund either. Should I wait more before raising a help ticket?

PS - First timer in IPO investment.

Bank has to do nothing with it.
It’s Just Like payment gateway.

So that means I did not receive the allotment. When would I get the blocked money refunded in my account then? How does the allotment work btw? I had subscribed way before my friends did, they still managed to get allotments. So wondering.

I had 3 bids.

100 x 280
100 x 290
50 x 290.

But now that I see IPO orders history on ASBA portal, I see only first bid. Where as total 29k were blocked from my account.

@Srinivas & @Sanket have Better coverage about IPO. Hey guys please Answer This.

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I applied in retail category & got full allocation of 650 shares… Was not expecting this during subscription. My bid rate was Rs290…

Hey, Here you can enter your application id or PAN number to see if you are allotted any shares or not

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Looks like I didn’t get any allotment. This means I will get refunded the blocked amount without any action from my end right? or do I have to do anything?

Yes, You are right.

Initiation of refunds: On or about November 15, 2017

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Yes! The blocked amount will get unblocked and disappear from your lien balance.

In case of no allotment the funds will be unblocked in your account. This post has a link to check the allotment details.

That’s strange. The retail investors category was NOT fully subscribed. Hence everyone who applied in the retail investors category, got full allotment.

It is strange, I had applied through my sisters account and she’s received 100% of the allotted shares.

May be I am the unfortunate one.

At what price hdfc life is expected to list??

Not sure about this. Maybe 300+
But for sure you will get more opportunities to buy it below 275 levels.

not at all my dear i think some times what happens bank name and pan number should have to match with dp record then only more possibility of allotment pls ensure correctness in both records
-i have also applied through axis bank asba i have also got an allotment of hdfc life
-wait for 2-3 days u will got email and msg from karvy registrar regarging refund and non allotment of share pls check ur email for u may find reason for rejection

I got 1 lot of HDFC Standard Life and want to know how to sell with Zerodha.

I have 1 lot but how to sell it through Zerodha, can any one please share the steps?

Thanks… Ll invest below 275

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Instead of putting bids, you should have clicked cut-off price.