HDFC Securities new discount brokerage plan

HDFC securities has sent out an email for Rs. 20 per order f/o trades.
You have to pay 200+GST for 1 year.
How legit is this?

How does this affect Zerodha, Angel etc as a big brokerage like HDFC has entered the discount brokerage?

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Everyone is launching such plans with the hope to capture new clients without putting much thought to the crappy platform and the user experience they provide. I and many of my friends shifted to Zerodha for the great user experience.I don’t think this is going to be a threat.


If possible can you paste that email here? everyone can see it.

I believe in no way unless there are any changes to products and features.


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Zerodha is too much protective when it comes OTM options .Too much restrictions.Even not allowing
mis positions to be converted to cnc. If such things persist people will have no option but to choose other brokers. It appears Zerodha clients have increased more than expected hence it wants to diverts its clients. Its only desk top application Pi is neglected now a days where as the desktop applications of other brokers are more superior than PI. Even its kite terminal some time hangs.

I heard above that. But it’s too late, the people who have to move have already moved!

Now the question should be:-

1. HDFC securities dashboard vs zerodha? i) Look ii) Speed

2. Earning interest on idle money

3. Zerodha features vs HDFC? i) Various interactive and innovative features for trading and investing ii) Buying SGBs in secondary market iii) Option to buy bonds and mutual funds…

4. Minimum brokage

5. Is it worth for existing Zerodha customers to move? & Will existing customers of HDFC move to Zerodha for minimum brokage after this?

The cat is out of the bag now, with no leverage this is now gonna become a game of who can provide free service with a manageable software.
I can see zerodha will loose out on most retail customers with next 3 years period. Don’t think that a 3rd year IITan has not smelled the blood in the water. All he has to do now is make a simple software allowing hassel free order placing and. . .game over

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If you have to keep more money with broker, wouldn’t rather keep it with the most profitable ones ? I moved to Z because of lower leverage and so far have been happy by how well everything works.

Bro the money would be kept with custodians, the provider will provide only interface. The leverage that margin gave to big companies is gone. It was an entry barrier basically and its lifted now.

So are you saying that client funds are not in control of broker today? If yes, can you give some more info. Maybe in future that can change.
Stocks might be with CDSL, but even they get exposed once you authorize tpin for the day.
And for intraday, all money is with broker.

Anyway, i am happy with Z. Might look for another broker like Z with good interface and api + reliabiity, something i could use to manage outages. So far i don’t think there is a convincing Z2 for my requirements. Fyers is decent but they are small …

Yes that is exactly what I am saying, my fund is with orbis which is a custodian and not with zerodha, zerodha is only a facility provider to that orbis account.
Fyers interface is not user friendly plus reviews said its goes offline during trading so I don’t take that chance.

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In Z’s case i would prefer Z over Orbis.
But yes, smaller brokers could tie up with a large and trusted custodian, if available, which can reduce risk for us and make the small broker viable.

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I have had very bad experience with them, so no matter what plan you choose please get an acknowledgment copy/mail of the same for future references. :pray: