Health care tips for healthy lifestyle

share here the various health-related queries & solution for better health care.

On a trading forum? Hmm, okay. A good health insurance works well.

On a more serious note, I guess the mantra for good health is:

Eat well, sleep well, exercise, meditate

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LOL :smile:
Join some health forum website.

Markets will always take a good toll on your health.

  1. dont get lost with trading hours …many people delay eating till market ends at 3.20 that is not good unless you are taking heavy breakfast.
  2. Constant staring at screen takes toll on neck and eyes…so in between every half hour or hour try doing neck and eye exercise.
  3. Dont carry risky positions beyond ur bearing capacity that will reduce stress.
  4. Better food and excercise along with yoga is alws good in any profession.

it’s a forum we can share here everything & anything

This is for Traders

1. Don’t stress to Much.
(Stress is a Damm good friend of Traders)

2. Keep Your Body moving do some exercise In common hand pain, wrist pain, arm pain, neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain in Traders.
( Making Loss is also most common things among Traders )

3. Give your eyes some Rest (Drink plenty of water & Don’t forget to blink your eyes it keeps your eyes healthy )

4. Don’t forget to drink your coffee & Tea.

5. A good setup of Trading with proper chair & desk.
(If You trade in mobile that good but give some relax to your Thumb )