HEG director resigned

HEG announced the resignation of Vinita Singhania (DIN: 00042983) as an Independent Director of the Company w.e.f. 1 October, 2018. Prices are falling sharply . .what’s happening in HEG? What to expect in next 1 year?

What do you mean by what’s happening?

HEG was one of the only 4-5 midcap stocks which didnt fall from Feb to June in the midcap crash.

So if its not falling now, that should be the cause of concern, falling is very logical with the midcap index bearishness

Also dont think her resigning is anything important to impact the stock price

Will it fall further never to rise again.?
Or the fall is temporary?

Difficult to predict that

It depends how much Nifty has to go on downside, the more Nifty goes towards 10000, the more midcaps are pummelled

Would be good to keep a stop loss and exit midcaps rather than keep holding them until oblivion