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Hi Team

I want to enter buy when high is broken of the last 5 days and enter sell when low of last 5 days is broken. Stop loss 1% and target 3% from entry price. I tried creating it but cannot determine the high and low of last 5 days in 5 min timeframe.

You can refer to the below image for the strategy entry conditions:

The above conditions are to buy when a 5-minute candle crosses above the previous 5 days’ high.

Note that Streak currently does not support Long-Short conditions in a single strategy. You can only go either Long or Short and hence you need to create two different strategies. One for Long and another for short to take both Long and Short trades.

For the sell strategy conditions refer to the below image:

Hope this helps.

can i create a strategy for Day high made till 2 PM? and when price goes above that buy it!!
this might allow us to catch trending moves just before the market closes

I have created an example strategy for your requirement. Click on the below link to access it

Note that the Stop loss and Target profit are randomly selected as examples, you can alter them as required.

hello, I have a doubt… while creating “Dynamic Contract” does the Buy/Sell toggle option really matter??


Thanks in Advance

When you create strategies using the Dynamic contracts feature, the strategy will check conditions and take trades based on the parameters entered in the Dynamic contracts. Thus, even if you select ‘Buy or Sell’ on the create strategy page, it doesn’t make a difference.

I want a condition where the SMA 50 is continuously moving up for at least 5 to 10 candles. How to write this ?

You can refer to the below stratgey link for your requirement.

The conditions will trigger an entry when the SMA has been rising from the last 10 candles. The SL and TP are randomly selected, you can change the SL/TP as desired and also change the candle range as per your requirement. You can refer to the below link to learn about the Period Min function used to create the conditions-