Help in coding strategy


I need to code following strategy for nifty futures (both for back testing and actual production)

Everyday when nifty future(near month) touches fixed price then it should give buy order and after moving up fixed number of points should give sell order. if during the day it touches pre- determined price then should again give buy order  and so on.

For example if buy price is 8100 (input) and after 25 points upward movement sell order. If during the day it touches 8100 again then give buy order and after 25 upward move give sell order and so on.

Tip: Bracket order could be one option for placing both buying and selling when buy price comes.

I need to code this for multiple buy points during the day and should be able to apply this in nifty options, banknifty and banknifty options.

There is no TA involved in this strategy.

Thanks you very much and let me know if anything is not clear.



you can use price alert indicator for the above condition

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