Help me in strategy building

My condition is.

  1. Buy- CE
  2. nifty 50 index
  3. 5min
  4. Diff betwn Highand low price lower than 10points in prev candle
  5. if the current close is higher than prev candle.

I want to check the conditions in the nifty 50 chart

I have created a strategy based on your requirement. Click on the below link to access the strategy-

The conditions are created inside the Symbol function and I have selected nifty 50 as the Symbol so that the conditions are checked on the nifty 50 charts and I have selected the CE monthly ATM options contract using the dynamic contract feature. Click on the below links to learn more about these functions -

Symbol- ✂️ Explanation of Symbol Function - YouTube
Dynamic contract- Dynamic Contract - Streak Help

Note that the stop loss and target percent are randomly selected, you can change them as desired.

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thanks this works great