Help me in this scanner

I want to make a condition in which the 10 Ema is crossing below 22 ema and in the same candle, 10Ema goes lower than 22 Ema by 3%.

SImple meaning that 10 ema has crossed below 22 ema and fall down 2 percent in the same candle.

You can refer to the below scanner for the conditions based on your requirement-

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Ohh okay had to include both the conditions got it. Thanks man

I think this is much harder to find in stocks as if crossover happens in the same candle then it might not fall 3% in the same candle.

I don’t think you will find this kind of movement in stock in a single candle. In the options contract, you will find matches. Try running the scanner on options basket, or better make a strategy to check if this is working.

Ya you are right