Help : Open > Previous close strategy


So, while trading intraday using a 15 min candlestick chart.

I want to buy when open of the current candle is greater than the previous close.

How do i write an algo for that?

I tried opening range (open, 15) > previous close and it isn’t working.

By the way, does open mean market open or open of the current 15 min candle?

Help is appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hi @Meta_Human,

This can be done by just saying “open is higher than prev close”

What this does is looks at the open price for days first 15min candle is higher than the previous candle’s close.

Open means the candle open of the candle interval you select on the top.
Opening range lets you specify the opening range for the day, mostly use of opening range break out strategies.

Hope this helps.