Help regarding Kite Connect API for a novice

I am completely new to coding, API etc. Can anybody who is already using kite connect API help me out in the beginning. I assure I wont bother you guys with silly questions.
Plz help.
@siva Sir, just like you are a goto person for anything zerodha, is there anybody from zerodha team who can spare some time to guide , help and resolve queries of novices, beginners like me?

I find forum discussions to be graduate level and couldn’t find any topic or discussion for toddlers like me!
Plz help.

There is a forum dedicated to Kite Connect, maybe that will be helpful to you. Goto

Most discussions are “Graduate level”
No topic or thread for kindergarten folks like me

You need to first learn coding, then you will understand the content. There are many websites around which offer coding tutorials, you can explore on Google to get started.

Thanks brother for help.
I am in process of learning python. And as you know this is not 1-2 days process.
WHat I am looking for is how to start kite connect on my system. I want step by step guide. Like here
I don’t know anything about nodejs etc but following the steps I could atleast run the app now.
Need similar step by step guide to run kite connect API.
and also other novice discussions.
Hence asked.

Take your time learning before diving into API’s and other stuff as there is money involved and one mistake can cost you a dearly.

So true.
That’s why I am looking for somebody who will answer silliest of the questions from newbies like me. Where did I say, I want to deploy capital etc?
I just want basic info.
A step by step guide.

On this forum, I’ve only known @vishnux who uses API. Maybe he can help you.

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We need varsity like initiative for API and algo trading.

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Hi I can help you with some information .let me know if you are still interested.