Help required for Streak

Hi Guys…
I’m sharing some strategy conditions for Streak for CE BUYING. Can you please prepare the same for PE BUYING

BUY with max allocation 100000 when Close(0) higher than Supertrend(10,2,0) and Close(0) higher than Parabolic SAR(0.02,0.2,0) and EMA(close, 5, 0) higher than EMA(close, 13, 0) and EMA(close, 5, -2) lower than EMA(close, 13, -2) at min candle interval using candlestick chart.


Hi @Vikas464

I noticed that you have not used the Symbol function in your strategy conditions. This means that the conditions will be checked directly on the option contract selected. If your requirement was to check the conditions on the index chart (Nifty 50 for example) and backtest/trade on its option then simply mention these conditions inside the Symbol function and this shall work fine. Refer to the below links.
Symbol function - Create (Advanced) - Streak Help
Dynamic contracts - Dynamic Contract - Streak Help

For your PE requirement, you can create a separate strategy and reverse the CE strategy conditions such that it becomes a bearish condition. For example, change the higher than comparator to lower than and vice versa.

If you are facing any difficulty, you can write back here or to [email protected] with your exact strategy requirement and I will help you create your conditions in Streak.

Yes, It was for nifty 50 only. Thanks for the help