Help required in a Bank Nifty Strategy

Hello guys…
Please help me making this given strategy in Streak having the SL of 5% and Target would also be 5%

Bank Nifty passes all of the below filters:

[ 0 ] 5 minute Volume Greater than [ 0 ] 5 minute Sma ( volume,20 )
[ 0 ] 5 minute Close Greater than [ -1 ] 5 minute Max ( 20, [ 0 ] 5 minute Close
[ 0 ] 5 minute Close Greater than Number 20
Latest Volume Greater than Number 20000

Thanks is advance

Hi @Vikas464

The Bank Nifty index does not have volume, so do you want to check your conditions on the options charts or check the conditions on the bank nifty futures chart and trade on options?

Please clarify the above query so that I can get more clarity on your requirement and will help you with the conditions.

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Yes, I’m so sorry… It is for futures only. Will try and take trades refering the futures. Thank you

Please make a strategy for futures only… thank you

I have created a strategy as per your requirement. Click on the below link to view the strategy conditions.

The above strategy will check your conditions on the futures chart and the trade will also be triggered on the future contract. If your requirement was to check the conditions on the Futures chart and buy CE/PE then you can do this by mentioning the conditions inside the symbol function and adding CE/PE dynamic contract in the instruments section. I have created a sample strategy as an example for the above. Click on the below link to view the conditions.

Refer to the below links to learn about the functions used in detail.
Symbol function - Create (Advanced) - Streak Help
Dynamic contracts - Dynamic Contract - Streak Help
Period Min/Period Max - Create (Advanced) - Streak Help
Multi Timeframe - Create (Advanced) - Streak Help

Hope this helps.

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Thank you… Really appreciate your support