Help to create a strategy

I need help to create a strategy for banknifty options.
Candle time frame 30minute

  1. Does not matter what first candle of the day is.
  2. But if second candle of the day is green, and next candle crosses it below then it should buy PE(atm)
  3. And when second candle is red, and next candle crosses it above then it should buy CE(atm)
  4. SL second cancels high(for pe)/low(low for ce) | TG: leave for the day. MIS
  5. Trailing SL 100 points

Hello @Rahul_Bhai

We have created for the Buy side, you can follow the same approach to create the sell side as well. Refer to the link below for the requested strategy:

Do note that since your requirement for TSL is 100 points, we have assumed the SL also as 100 points as it is mandatory to assign SL in Streak. You can change this as per your needs accordingly