Help: Why are techincals different in different platfroms?

I have free accounts of tradingview and for learning and to track technicals, suprisingly i found different technical numbers for same stock. for example TCS is having different Pivots, Fibonacci, Moving Averages numbers in Trading view and i am just learning techincals, how is this possible, are they use different formulas to calculate?

The formula used in all Technical Indicators are standard, however each charting platform have their own data vendors. The data supplied by the vendors differ and hence the result of the calculations change when presented to final user.

In most cases the deviations are negligible.

Also when using PIVOTS, go to settings and choose the standard / classical / floor, camarilla, woodies etc, whichever you are after.

Garbage in Garbage OUT, in computing and other fields, incorrect or poor-quality input will produce faulty output.


Are you sure you are looking at nse:TCS in both tradingview and investing?

It depends on which timeframe charts that u r comparing. I believe 1min & 15mins chart’s technical indicator values wud always match.

As indian market opens at 9.15am, some data vendors consider it as starting from 9am, some vendors consider first 15mins as separate candle, some consider last 15 mins as a separate candle etc etc. As it is open to interpretation, tech indicator values differ.

yeah, looked same TCS: NSE in both, but different, i found only RSI is common

who should i trust? confused now, is there any reliable platform to track technicals??