Help with conditions

Hi @Streak,

I want to scan for stocks in which supertrend is changing from red to green?

Hi @Ankitajadhav

You can refer to the below-shared conditions to meet the requirements:

This will provide an alert when supertrend is changing from red to green.

Hope this helps.

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Hii, can we also say supertrend crossing below close?

Hi @Streak how to find overbought and oversold stocks?

Yes, both will provide the same results.

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Hi @Ankitajadhav

You can simply use “Higher than” and “Lower than” functions with RSI in the below manner to find over-bought and over-sold stocks.


Hope this helps.

Hi @Streak

How to create a scanner where price is higher than all moving averages?

are we talking about sma or ema here?

How to create conditions using AND and OR in the new Streak?

Hi @Ankitajadhav

Refer to the sample condition shared that might help you.

You can make necessary changes at your discretion.

Note: In case you are looking for stocks that have crossover, you can use the functions crosses above or crosses below in place of higher than.

Hi @Mahindra

Kindly note that in the new Streak platform, ‘Matches All’ denotes ‘and’, and ‘Matches Any’ denotes ‘or’. Based on this logic, you can add multiple blocks in your scanner/strategy and create your AND and OR conditions.

You will be able to add Block function by clicking on the “Add +” as shown below,

How to check conditions on 2 hour timeframe?

Hi @SheetalGhorpade

Kindly note that the 2-hour timeframe as the base timeframe is not supported.

However, When you write conditions, you can notice that a timeframe is mentioned beside each indicator. This timeframe can be the same as the base timeframe or it can be a higher time frame.


You can click and change the timeframe mentioned as per discretion. So when you are writing conditions it takes care of the timeframe requirement and provides more flexibility with ease.

Is there any difference between multi-timeframe and multi-timeframe completed?

Hi @Bullet_Trader

Kindly note that “Multi timeframe” and “Multi timeframe completed” are 2 different functions.

Multi timeframe completed function helps you check the conditions on the fully completed candles.

Multi timeframe function helps you check larger timeframe indicator value conditions on partial candle information and has a look ahead bias.

Note: Live alerts may not always be verifiable with charts or match when backtested. This is because it is not possible to predict future OHLC values and indicator. You should test your strategy and understand the backtest result charts and not just deploy it on the basis of Profit/Loss.

How to write conditions to trade based on swing high?

As per my understanding, we need to define the number of candles for this? like swing high on how many number of candles? Is my understanding correct @Streak ?

Hi @Mahindra

Kindly note your requirement is discretionary in nature and cannot exactly be implemented in Streak.

However, for a workaround, we have shared a condition where it will check if the current close is higher than the previous 10-day highest high. You can make necessary changes at your discretion.

You can also refer to Discover Scanner and strategies to learn more about the condition creation.


Yes, your understanding is absolutely correct. since every person has his own definition of Swing high or low hence it becomes discretionary in nature.

You will need to define the number of candles preceding the current candle.

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