Hemisphere Properties - when is it listing?

I have shares of Tata Communications and the stock value has come down (now increasing but still below my purchase price) after the demerger of Hemisphere Properties portion. It is apparent that Hemisphere would be listing soon but I don’t see any news about when it would list. Further, would it be worth to retain those stocks or sell it off for some listing gains?

Hemisphere the d-merged resulting company of Tata communication will list after receipt of Sebi relaxation under rule 19(2)(b) which take around 45-60 from record date or even more . in this case record date was 18 September.
LATEST Example : Aarti industries d-merged Arti surfacatant and last date to buy WITH was 02 July .it is nearing 3 months , sebi relaxation not received .

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The stock has been credited to my demat account - got email from CDSL. Not sure when would it start trading.