HFT using Kite Connect

I am interested in doing HFT with Zerodha Kite Connect. I can co-locate my server in Mumbai, India. But I’ve some questions in my mind before I start looking into Kite Connect API.

Q.1. Is it possible to execute 200-250 orders per second with Zerodha?
Q.2. What is the latency between Zerodha Servers and NSE Servers?
Q.3. How much time it’ll take for Zerodha to place my order in NSE considering my RTT to Zerodha servers is 5ms?
Q.4. And, Can Kite Connect really sustain with such a high number of orders per second?


Not possible.

Kiteconnect is not suitable for HFT.


Makes sense. Thanks a lot for you help and time, really appreciate that. :smiley: