Hi Nithin, I have Mentioned My Question in the more information Area

Hi Nithin,

I have Copy Pasted exactly the Same in PI to back test for Bank Nifty But Does Not Gives me any Result ,

MACD(26,12,9,EXPONENTIAL)>MACDSIGNAL(26,12,9,EXPONENTIAL) AND RSI(Close,10)>30 AND REF(RSI(Close,10), 1)<30

Buy exit: 0

Sell Expression:


Sell exit: 0

First of all,i think you can leave this strategy,it will not do wonders. markets are ahead of these simple strategies which i tried years back.

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Seems to be working, make sure that the trading symbol you mention on the backtest window is exactly what you see on the marketwatch. 

Please Share Any Good Strategy With your Fellow Traders Which will work now

everybody has different strategies,. your success starts when you stop relying on indicators.look at price action overlay moving averages ,draw lines,analyse volumes,learn candle patterns.very importantly time analysis…

Thanks will Work on the same

Hi Nithin
IS there any way we can code a strategy where in Buy and sell Signal is generated bases on the K And d of Slow Stoc Crossing Each other