Hi Nithin, when we will be able to do stock SIP using zerodha?

Hopefully soon

How soon and when is the kite 3.0 interface release… We dont mind delay in release ensure it is well tested …Dont mind being a beta tester

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Hey @PS2780

You can now do this using Sentinel -

It’s not worth paying 160/month for setting a sip.

Isn’t there a free version of Sentinel too? Wouldn’t it allow SIP?

No, it’s a part of their most expensive plan.

Hey there! So you can SIP into stocks & ETFs with smallcases. And you can set the frequency (weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual) & select your start date. There’s a one-time flat fee of Rs. 100 when you create your stock/ETF portfolio for the first time, but afterwards you can change th stocks/ETFs composition however & whenever you want for additional fees (only standard taxes/duties)… Login with your Zerodha account & give it a try!