High discrepancy between options data of NSE and OLD NSE website

I am checking the latest data of both websites NSE and OLD NSE for 13-Aug Expiry.

NEW NSE Website Data :

OLD NSE Website Data :

Am I doing anything wrong with the selections here?

On an active trading day, it is unlikely the data on both websites will match each other completely because in the time difference between loading the 2 websites, trades might have occurred (which would affect the data). While checking on my end, I was able to see quite similar data on both websites -

Do check the timestamps on top of the page on both website and make sure they are in sync if you want to see similar data on both the websites

Even your screenshots are showing huge difference for OI and OI change.

On the New NSE website, in OI and OI Change column, the number of lots are shown. If you multiple the shown number with 75, it will come out to be similar to the numbers shown in the Old NSE website

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I didn’t know that. Thank You.