High low Breakout

I want to know the Script for Previous day high and low Breakout in candle chart.
That is when a stock is breaking out or broken out previous days high or low in ZeroDha Pi Scanner ?

u can have screeners which are available these days dont need to write a code for the same !

Can you tell me which are the best screeners available in market ? I am using chartlinks.com. It is ok but delayed.
Or do you know any other cheap if not free software screeners. I want to have detailed in depth screener ?
Zerodha pi is cool and even the zerodha as a brokerage firm is also one of the best but its scanner really sucks.

what are the parameters that u are looking for ?

I want stocks near previous day breakouts or near day breakout.( near i should specify as .3or.2or.5 percent. I also want rsi beaking previous day high or low. Or stocks near their days or previous days high/low with big volume. And things like that.
As far as i know pi scanner cannot do anything as far as previous days are concerned.