Higher margin for spread trading in nse


Hi sir I want to file case in court against sebi for higher margin for spread trading like calendar spread example long nifty 10800 ce and short nifty Jan 10800 ce. They should debit only net risk for example in us market they only block net debit. But in India :india: they are blocking 75 times of risk its very cruel to small retail traders. For example calendar spread in nifty we brought 10800 ce February @200 and we sell 10800 ce January @100. Our maximum risk is only RS-100. EVEN IF MARKET GO ZERO OR 12000. PLEASE UNDERSTAND and GIVE Valuable suggestions. Thanks





SEBI is Stupid , brokers doesn’t have a thump , as a retail what u can do , every one is crying


that’s what everyone is talking about here!

No one thinks it’s unfair business practice.