Highlights from the India Investment Pulse

We picked out highlights from the India Investment Pulse by Praxis Global Alliance :point_down:

Brighter days for the Indian economy. India is gaining power on the world stage and is better positioned to navigate global headwinds. :india:

The market sentiment has been highly bullish on the economy. In spite of a global lapse, the Indian markets have barely cracked.

India seems to be emerging as the preferred destination for foreign investments, beating the likes of China and other emerging economies of the world.

PE/VC funds have played a crucial role in the GDP growth by deploying capital to Indian
companies for fueling growth.

How much funding will push India to become a $5 trillion economy?

What were the favorite sectors among investors in India?

India added 23 unicorns in 2022, surpassing the UK to become the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world.

India outpaced China in new unicorn creation in 2022.

The funding winter, as it was famously called, was when the investments came down because of the terrible macroeconomic conditions across the globe. Still, the early-stage investments remained intact.