Hindenburg & Silicon Valley Bank

The Silicon Valley bank crisis puts a lot of questions -

Where was Hindenburg’s research?

They can attack Adani but fails to identify defaulter company in their own countries like Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank.

And why Indian Startups keep money in Silicon Valley Bank, why not in Indian banks or any other banks in the world?

The American intention is clear - Create disturbance in Indian, Chinese & other growing countries’ economies, & other internal matters.

Actually, Hindenburg Research has been banned by SEC from US Securities to research the companies and short it.
These firms target the Billinior Companies. It’s Gov policy’s fault in dealing with regional banks. The USA is just printing money and protecting the banks which lead to a raise in debt and inflation. For covering these things raising the interest rates in order to protect the world order. Sooner or later we might see a crash in the financial system. if the central govt’s won’t take the proper steps to tackle the issues.

Indian Startups are valued in dollars and VC’s are from Mostly the USA. so it’s easy for them to Invest and withdraw funds from startups Ironically, sitting in big buildings in new york and valuing our company based on fundamentals.

you cannot generalize it that way. A research company does an analysis and publishes its finding. There are lot of buy/sell recommendations posted by research companies

Hinderberg’s timing matched with the FPO on ADANIENT and most of the participants agreed with the research - thats why the stock took a beating.

If the accusations has no relevance - why do you think investors would be worried ??

The expertise of a research firm may be limited to a niche area - they need not be able to catch all the trends.


Patriotism is good, but it does not have any value in the financial world.


If you think Hindenberg releasing the report just before FPO is coincidence, i pray for you. They definetely timed the report just before FPO to inflict maximum damage on balance sheet.
Had the FPO sailed through, Adani debt would have reduced significantly.
Hindenberg is a tool used by USA to target Indian finances (just like US used dollar weponization against russia).

I am all for free market, but this Hindenberg clearly demonstrated that USA can & will attack anyone who is in its path.

If Hindenberg did not do research on SVB, its understandable, because SVB did not necessarily do fraud, just bad cash reserve management.
But if Hindenberg is not doing any research on Credit Suisse or Deutsch or HSBC (the banks notorious for laundering money for cartels or gangsters or just plain old scamming customers & investors), its definitely sus because germany and switzerland were USA’s allies.


Exactly. Once a wise human said “if you dig deep enough there will always be skeletons”. Almost none are saints in the financial world. Follow the money.

Hindenburg is not Batman…

They are not here to make society a Good Place… They are here to make money…
And in the Financial World as per my understanding (limited), timing is everything for a short seller.

A short seller will be after anyone who is doing some shady business and CAN be exposed. Now about Deutsche Bank or HSBC, they are big banks with deep pockets. Investors, PE Firms, SWFs throw money at them whenever they need to recapitalize. So if Hindenburg goes after them saying they are in bad shape, they can easily raise funds from above entities and market will trust them and that will cause Big Losses for Hindenburg.

So Short Sellers are always chasing who is doing shady business and vulnerable, not those who has been doing bad business but good reputation…

May be they will also do report on Deutsche Bank & HSBC (may be they are doing that right now, but who knows until they’ve published) when they are financially weak or hit by a sh*t-storm.

Just don’t give a color of Patriotism to this… That doesn’t work in the market.


They did take a few unnecessary & untrue shots at our country as well, so Adani invoking the Adani = India angle in its response is fair game IMO.

And them putting the report out just before the FPO seems too good to be true…

This is a lamest argument I have seen ever. Hindeberg is research house not God :slight_smile:
Don’t expect them to catch everything in world and present it to you. They do research and short companies which they understand and from which they make profits. That is their business.

Again, I would like to echo what @prakash1975 and others said before, no point mixing patriotisms with financial decisions.

But if it gives you any satisfaction, before Hindenberg targeted Adani, their most famous short bet was on a company named Nikola.
I assume you have never heard about it, but Nikola is US founded, US listed electric Truck maker led by a US founder (I hope that are enough US in that sentence :stuck_out_tongue: )

Below is brief history of what happened (you can google it):

And this is the stock chart of Nikola

Bottom-line: They have proven their research and they have made money. They have targeted enough American companies. You can either follow their research or ignore it, but no point building conspiracy theories.

PS: Never trust everything you get forwarded on WhatsApp.


कुछ लोग मानते है की मैं भी गुजराथी, अडानी भी गुजराथी, तो मुझे अडानी को सपोर्ट करना चाहिये,
कुछ लोग मानते है की मैं भी मोदीसपोर्टर, अडानी भी मोदीसपोर्टर, तो मुझे अडानी को सपोर्ट करना चाहिये,
कुछ लोग मानते है की मैं भी इंडीयन, अडानी भी इंडीयन, तो मुझे अडानी को सपोर्ट करना चाहिये,
तो कुछ लोगोंको हमेश हर चिज में कॉन्स्परसी लगती है.
मेरा सवाल ऐसे लोगोंसे है जिनको लगता है की अडानी को इंडीयन होने की वजह से टार्गेट किया गया है, तो ये बताओ, की अगर हिंडेनबर्ग ने अडानी गृप कि जगह अंबानी/टाटा/बिर्ला को टार्गेट किया होता तो क्या रिलायन्स/टाटा/बिर्ला गृप का भी ऐसा बुरा हाल हो जाता?
अगर आपका जवाब हा है, तो मेरा आपको नमस्कार, और अगर जवाब ना है तो उसके रिजन बताईये.


It is more like Adani has attacked India.

Latest reports suggest that our defence is comprised by Adani group.

you can read more about it here.

No answers from govt or Adani.

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I never said Hindenberg is Batman. They themselves proclaimed they are fraud hunters and champions of ethics.

I am not saying HSBC is bad at business. HSBC is straight up crooks laundering money from mexican cartels & human traffickers.

Credit Suisse is known to help Nazis launder their money
Credit Suisse linked to list of 12,000 Nazis found in Argentina - SWI swissinfo.ch

What I did call Hindenberg is, a tool in the hands of USA. USA has strong proven history of using institutions to achieve geo political goals (Hindeberg, Swift, IMF, WorldBank).

USA will do whatever they want, its for us to decide what is good for us. :slight_smile:
I am not asking you to believe in something that is not in the name of patriotism.

You are missing the main argument here.

Hindenberg has enough instances (one you have quoted) that they target companies where they can make money.
But, there is no proof yet that they are not in cahoots with 3 letter agencies (CIA, NSA) to destroy any other country from becoming stronger.

Queue the example of China giving loans to Sri Lanka & Pakistan in the name of development and started owning these 2 countries colonial style.
USA also used to use institutions to make countries into debt via IMF, WorldBank.

USA is much more direct in its actions when it came to Adani, by sabotaging FPO and sort of issued a threat to ruling govt to either fall in line or be punished.

Hindenberg is just a tool with a legitimate business.


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The issue is people like you can’t read between the lines. you obviously don’t care about the defence of this country.

I was actually going to share a link that would elaborate on the implication of this article. But I think I not going to waste my time with garbage.

Adani things everyone investor who had basic knowledge knew.

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A clear distinction needs to be made here.
Hindenburg is in the business of shorting and will certainly not able to identify each and every risky aspect of the market.
The adani saga was going on for the last 3 years.
I beleive they would have built their position over the last year and then waited for the right opportunity to cash in on the downfall.

Nothing illegal done here, perfectly alright