Hiring traders and trading in zerodha for large capital


I am on trading on big capital and in the process of hiring traders to execute our orders. Is there a prop desk management software that zerodha has where we can divide our capital for each trader ? Is forming a company a better way to trade ? We do equity, futures, option buying as well as selling. A single dashboard with all of our capital and multiple traders trading different strategies in it seems difficult to manage. @nithin


There is a discussion on this in another thread.


how much big. i am very eager to know. 8 figure 9 figure or even 10 figure. This blows my mind. Please do tell.

Haven’t you heard of rich people? Haven’t you heard of the wealth such people have in foreign countries and in India? This should not blow your mind :roll_eyes:

Also, a part of his may not be his, he is managing it, so he cannot disclose it.

i may not become a good trader so exploring my options on writing a book like (Market Wizards : Successful traders in Tradingqna). So gathering data. nothing official yet. but will contact all the great traders here and write a book and sell it to make some money for myself.

Nice idea.

But to understand what they are saying, you have to get some experience either by winning or losing.

So are you prepared to empty your pockets :grin:

Ping me if you need fastest fingers to contribute little…:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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brother, if you got this solution, then kindly please tell to us. because we are also trying to find that type of software