Historical charts of expired options

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Any way Zerodha provides historical charts of expired options. Further more with an option of intraday chart of the day of expiry? I am specifically refering to Nifty and Bank Nifty weekly options

Awaiting your response. Thanks!

This is not possible, may be you can start saving current data and use it later.

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It there any way/software to save chart data??

Can use this.

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Thanks @siva


I have Historical Charts of Nifty , Banknifty , Futures , Options all strike prices and all expiries ,From June 2017 . MCX Commodities , Stock Futures and stock cash also . That Data deleted at end of the Expiry , I have it because I save It every time . It can be Impossible to Got those Charts . Data is present in 1 Minute candles From First trade to last Trade of Contract . Also Special 0 Minute Charts are there , Of High volume stocks like Days Low and Days High = 3% - + For Professional Trading . [email protected] [email protected]
0 Minute charts means LTP and Volume is plot on graph of Every second .Also have 0 Minute Intraday charts of Nifty , Banknifty Options all strike prices specially for Expiry Days with all days ,Much Hardwork is already done for save it . I already Growing my capital with invaluable charts Data .

Hi Siva, how can I use this? What do I need? I have never used kite API. Pls guide.

Expired data is not available with us.


Hi Siva,
My earlier question was about your comment which you made in April where you said " Can use this"
My question is how can I use this kite API? What do I need to do to get started? Pls advise. Thanks!

You can use to take current data and save it and keep doing it so who ever want historical data can have a dump of their own.

Can some one help me giving the bank Nifty options june4th expiry price for 19300 and 19800. I went in huge losses because of glitch.

You can check here https://www1.nseindia.com/products/content/derivatives/equities/historical_fo.htm

is there any way to use the nse website historical website and plot the chart?

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if you know your way around excel you can download the historical data from NSE website and make a chart using it… If you don’t know excel, well then you can always learn with help of Google and YouTube.

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ah thanx for confirming what i already knew. taking a step forward, is it possible to make candlestick chart with it, where we can see notonly the day’s price(LTP) but also see all other prices like high, low, open, close? @FancyyCosmonautt

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In Google sheets I have seen option to make candlestick chart but have not been able to make it dunno why… maybe you can search google and youtube and check how one we can make candlestick chart.

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Link to what you are talking about?

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Check this https://support.google.com/docs/answer/9146870?hl=en

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ty. this may help you if you are still stuck @FancyyCosmonautt

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