Historical data atleast 1 year for amibroker


i’m looking for historical data for amibroker. unfortunately i did also subscribe to global data feeds however they only provide fno & mcx data but not equity data.

Any suggestions.

Hi Vaibhav,

Please go through this link.

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Check bellow link.


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Check out below link for 1 min Historical data for last 7 years:

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Is esignal providing the Equity Data?
Have you checked?

Are u using this?
Have u paid anything or free download?
Anyway, nice pointer! Thanks.

Hi Astroguru,
Im not using this, I have my own database which i update daily downloading the data from the google database with datadownloader.
But previously, i was also searching for this data to backtest my indicator based strategies and a friend of mine has pointed me to this website. I thought this link deserves some space here. :slight_smile:

oh ok, Even I do have a bkp of goggle data since May 2014, all scrips.

I am also using datadownloader, but in the EOD data I am not able to add the columns, deliverable qty and % delivery. But if I download from NSE site, i could get the deliverable qty information.
Is it possible for you (in your datadownloader) to download Delivery information also? I mean in NSE EOD data section.
If possible, please inform me, currently I am downloading the hard way for all scrips manually from this link http://www.nseindia.com/products/content/equities/equities/eq_security.htm

even i am doing the same astroguru. delivery information cannot be downloaded using data downloader.

oh ok, but good thing is we can specify dates and get backdata as far as we want, not like 15 day intraday data. So no issues, i believe.
Thanks for reply.

by “all scrips” do u mean all the approx 2900 equity , approx 145 fno, approx 32 mcx scrips?

Nope, only the 1400+ EQ and BE scrips under NSE. also around 30 indices of NSE.
I dont capture F&O since they are numerous and as well they live only for 3 months time. I can easily get F&O EOD data from NSE. So not capturing 1 min data for F&O segment.

actually i find it easier to download fno scrips(only futures, no options-of course) from nest itself. however downloading equity is extremely tough so i dont do that

@vivek, do you mean the 1 min data. ALL f&o scrips.

yup, all the 145 or so stock futures. but lately i got a bit busy and missed one full month’s data. esignal gives as much as 10 years 1 min data for ALL scrips ALL segments for an extra premium over and above that which they charge for realtime data.

thnks a ton prashant!

Is there a way to export this data on excel. If yes, please let me know.