Historical list of MIS scrips approved by Zerodha RMS


I’m backtesting an intraday short-only intraday strategy for equities and need list of stocks which were allowed on a specific day by Zerodha. Specifically, I’m seeking the historical list of MIS scrips available for shorting on Zerodha, as I understand this list changes frequently.

Is it possible to access this data from Zerodha, even for a limited time? Appreciate any leads!

Thank you.

@ShubhS9 Hi Shubham,
any leads ??

Hi @ksh, checking with the team if this is possible and will update here.

Hi @ShubhS9
how can we get this?

Hi @ksh, apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately, the historical list isn’t available.

Would it be possible to tell how u decide if a stock will qualify for intraday short selling ? I guess it may be something related to Market cap, average turnover, etc. There must be some filters.

Having this data is a valuable asset for any backtesting short .