Historical Option Chain for a particular Expiry date


Does anyone know where we can get historical option chain data for a contract with particular expiry date?

For example,
I want the option chain for Nifty July 11th expiry as on date Nifty 4th July 2019.

I can get option chain details on Nifty 4th July, but that is for the contract which expires 4th

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.




Thanks a lot! This was exactly what i was looking for.

But, it has data only from 27th June Expiry contract.
Do you know any other such websites that have a bit more historical data (i.e. data of atleast last 2-3 months expired contracts)

No, only this,

Actually this had March 2019 data once last I checked. I dont know why it is not there now.

I hope they are not removing the old ones, and showing the 10 latest expiries or something.

Keep a track of that, in that case you have to save screenshots of old ones.

Yes, will do. Thanks @Newbie420

that site was great. do you have any other option-related such resources?

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For option writers -> https://snapalpha.capitalmind.in/stratoptions

For Results traders -> http://opstra.definedge.com/results-calendar


whoa. great man thank you.

I just found a webiste where you can find historical option chain for a particular date and a particular expiry date.
But, it’s a paid feature and costs around Rs. 1500/-

I think historical data upto 1.5-2 years is present.
Will leave the link below, if it helps anyone looking for the same.



Select Bhavcopy and download the details of the particular date in .xls format


Hi @tarannum, Thanks!
Do you know any site where i can download these bhavcopies at a time for a particular date range?

Hi there, I have also created a similar website that contains 2 weeks of data for index options (5 minute timeframe) and 2 months data for stock options (1 hour timeframe). You can download the data, view it in the table and plot different graphs for strike prices. the site is free. I am mentioning the link if it helps anyone here . Use the guide on homepage to know about features. https://hioptionchain.herokuapp.com/

All the links mentioned above are dead or non-functional.

Are there any working websites now?