HNI - How they play in this market

Suppose a HNI Investor wants to trade a particular stock and he has 100 Crores as Capital.How many shares he/she can buy. Lets assume Mr HNI want to purchase ABC stock which is trading at 200. How many shares he can buy??

This guy got 800 crore to play. Hope a part of this video will help u to get a sense of how stocks are pumped and dumped


I know about this old man story of Ketan Parekh. But there are also some genuine HNI Investors who wants to buy share.My question was that. How will they do that? Can they buy 50Lakhs shares of a company trading at 200 (Mr HNI have 100 crores in capital)

they can, but

  1. they need to first know the liquidity and volatility of that stock
  2. then decide the price range they want to buy
  3. deciding if they want to invest 100% of capital right now or do it in segments as market moves in their favour.
  4. see the market depth (how many shares are offered for a particular price)
  5. then trade with caution as to not to put too many quantities which can move that stock either way, which may not be in their interest.
  6. before that making sure that stock is not having any results, news coming out soon.
    this is just my opinion.

to answer ur exact question to tell how many can they buy for 200 they need to see market depth, its not possible to get at the exact price of 200 but averaging can come to 200, means they can buy in a range not exact price with that high amount.

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Thanks for your input. And how they will place the order after market hours(AMO) or between 9 - 9.15am ?
But there will be some restrictions regarding number of shares?

i think AMO has no limit but do know this people can see ur quantities in AMO orders.

OK. Bhuvanesh bhai kaha ho. Please help karo.

if u r going in big dont place AMO orders, and always use disclosed quantity, minimum is 10% i think.
what it will do it ll show that someone wants to buy at this price but it will only show 10% of the quantities.