Holding companies doing very well

was seeing on television how holding companies are zooming quite a lot these days. would it make sense to hold them for long term ? seems they always trade at discount compared to their value

To hold something for long term, you need to understand a lot of things about the business and reasonably sure of its future prospects.

You can definitely hold holding companies from long term investment perspective. Investing in a holding company is same as investing in any business, the only caveat is that you need to be able to understand all the businesses that holding company operates. Only then will you be able to fairly value whether your investment makes sense or not.

Check out the list traded at discount & premium. Financials will do better in near term

Holding long term is good only if you recheck the company’s financial status and growth rate. You need to scan the market and make a list of the stocks that appeal the most and have a potential of generating profit. You can’t get into this blindly.


Holding long term sounds goOd but you have to have a system to keep you updated about whats going on with the company.

There is no perfect period for holding stocks, you can hold them as long as you want. But there are certain factors to be considered like the company’s past performance, its returns, annual growth, etc. Nonetheless, I recommend holding your stock investments for at least one to one and a half years.

Yolotrader is talking about holding companies stock. Not holding a companies stock for long term.

Long-term holding of stocks and assets is a well-known and profitable trading strategy. It has been used in the market since the inception of the stock market. So yes, they are doing well and will do the same for a longer period.