Holding quantities in positions in kite

Can we please have the holding quantities in positions window for each of the scripts? May be in bracket with briefcase symbol next to qty. This helps in deciding to buy/sell more.

Showing holdings within positions won’t be intuitive. Idea with holdings is for long term, so it is best to show separately. Holdings show up in positions only on the day you sell because there is a community which sell holdings during the day and buy back before end of day. Showing in positions makes it easy for them.

Now I understand better, thanks Nithin.

I would still see a case for displaying Holdings in positions. May be the way I use kite & trade is the reason for it. I try SIP through kite by adding small quantities daily. So, I would check Holdings(just after market open), see the quantities I hold, place few buy orders. Mostly multiple orders for each stock at different​ prices. Nearer to market closure time, I would visit positions & see quantities in position & would like to know how many I already have in Holdings to decide how many more I would like to buy. It’s time consuming, counter-intuitive for me to switch between Holdings & positions for each of these on kite mobile. Also, I believe having Holdings in positions won’t be distracting to those who don’t need or use it.