Holdings as a normal way

Some Q’s regarding Holdings :

  1. When is T+3 matured in day 3, in the morning or evening ?

  2. If T+3 matured in Day 3 evening does it mean that we can sell only from day 4 morning ?(I mean as a proper channel, no BTST)

I would be very grateful if anybody can help me.

What do you mean by matured? You mean they will come to your demat? It is T+2, if trade day is monday then shares will take T+2 days to hit demat, ie on wednesday, on terminal it will be shown as delivered from thursday.

To be sure you can sell on thursday if bought on monday.

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I sell next day aslo even before it comes in to dmat account. (That is I could not get out by close & converted mis to cnc & taking a chance )

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Thanks. I catch it!